SBI: The 12th Generation (2007)


Starbase Indy: The 12th Generation.  Our fourth year but we were struggling.  Everyone wanted a big list of guests, but no one wanted to pay the costs to get them here.  So, we decided to try a lower price witha a lean guest list and see what would happen. The numbers were still low and the decision was made to throw in the towel.  We had contacted Vulkon and they were going to come in the next year.

We brought in the following guests.

  • Ray Park
  • David Reddick
  • The Great Luke Ski
  • George "Lucas" Starkey

We had some great programming including a Whose Line Is It Anyway, some great movies, and the amazing Ray Park.  To learn a little more about this event, click to view the gallery or to download our 2007 pocket schedule or program book.