SBI: The 13th Generation (2008)

FreeKon copy

In keeping with it's unlucky connotations, Starbase Indy: The 13th Generation was the convention that nearly didn't happen.

After the 2007 convention, the core staff of Starbase Indy decided to call it quits.  We contacted Vulkon and they had decided to keep our Thanksgiving tradition going with Vulkon presents, Starbase Indy!  They had organized a guest list, tickets were purchased, and many of us were looking forward to actually enjoying a convention for a change.  But, as I stated, this was the 13th generation and the convention Gods must have been a little busy that November.

About three weeks prior to the convention, some of the past SBI staff heard rumors from our previous patrons stating many of those on the 2008 guests list said the convention had been canceled.  Since many of us had purchased tickets, we were just a tad confused why we had not been told about the cancellation of our event.

Several days passed and after the dust had settled and we knew we were not getting our money back... we also didn't know what we were going to do.  You see, it had been years since many of us had actually spent Thanksgiving weekend at home and the thought of not being with our "geek" family... well was just unacceptable to us.  We knew that many people already had travel plans for the convention.  We knew we had most of the necessary supplies to run a convention.  So, what were we waiting for?  After a few calls to the Marriott, we decided to hold a one day convention for all of those that were already planning on coming.  Our slogan: Come get your Freak-on and the FreeKon!  With less than three weeks to get guests and it being the heaviest traveled weekend of the year... we knew the entertainment portion of the weekend was on us.  Click here to see what we came up with.

Word of what we were planning got out to the community and Roddenberry Productions gave us a call.  Unable to get here in person but still wanting to help out, Rod Roddenberry came up with a great alternative.  A once in a lifetime opportunity came out of all of this.  Rod Roddenberry had offered to create a video... a tour if you will... of his Dad's office!  Yep, he recorded a tour totaling 18 minutes.  He covered every inch of the office telling us stories each step of the way for our hero and creator of the Star Trek series, Gene Roddenberry.  To watch the video, click here.

So we went from a large convention, to no convention, to a free convention and the opportunity of a lifetime.  Although we still had no plans on coming back, the convention Gods had other plans. ;-)