SBI: The 14th Generation (2009)


Still under the assumption we were NOT holding a convention in 2009, most of us were gearing up for the release of the new Star Trek movie.  Prior to the release we were receiving emails and instant messages asking if it was really over... were we really going to let Starbase Indy die?  Then the movie came out.  A bunch of us [staff, friends, and family] rallied together at the Hamilton 16 to see what JJ Abrams had created.  We had all seen the trailers and the expectations were high and Abrams did not disappoint.

Just days after the movie premiered, the pressure was really on and by June we decided to try one more time.  We decided to change our approach.  We wanted to offer an inexpensive weekend, with access to fan-friendly actors, and some great programming.  We decided that EVERYONE would pay... including the staff.  We operated under a shoestring budget... we had to since we were starting all over again. We charged everyone $25 and instead of autographs being included, you bought only the autographs you were needing.  And believe it or not... IT WORKED!

We brought the following guests in for 2009.

  • Garret Wang
  • William Morgan Sheppard
  • Logan Huffman
  • Jeff Rector
  • David Reddick

To get an idea what we did that year, click to view our 2009 pocket schedule.  For more details of that weekend, you can take a look at our program book or check our our photo gallery.