Dinner with the Stars


We are fortunate enough to have the band iL Troubadore back once again to entertain us while we eat.  The event will be held in Vets Hall 4 & 5.  There will be a cash bar for those of you that want something other than coffee, water and tea.  We try to start the event on time because we know many of you would like to attend the Masquerade.  For a more organized schedule of the evening, see the table below.

5:30 PM
Mix & Mingle begins
6:00 PM
Buffet line begins
7:05 PM
Kim Morgan will get the beat moving with her incredibly talented voice
7:15 PM
Blues Brothers from Another Planet
8:25 PM
Kim Morgan sings one final song
8:30 PM
Dinner ends -- See you at the Masquerade

Remember seating is very limited.  We have enough room for 90 seats, nine of which will be taken up by our guests.  We currently have about 25 seats remaining, so you will want to order you tickets soon.  We will NOT be selling seats at the convention.  The only way to guarantee a seat is to order TODAY!